Friday, April 6, 2012

2012: 40 years of resistance and fight for Human Rights

In 2012 the Organización Femenina Popular (OFP) commemorates it’s 40th anniversary. Forty years of active resistance to the social and armed conflict, 40 years fighting for the Rights of women, 40 years defending the right to a dignified life for women and their people, 40 years of building political conciousness among women, of emancipation and fighting for social justice. 

We remember that during the past 40 years we have paid a high price for defending life. There have been too many comrades, men and women, who have lost their lives on this long road. We remember the persecution that the leaders of our region – Magdalena Medio and throughout Colombia - have suffered and still suffer today. We remember that women are still the main victims of this social and armed conflict, that they suffer violence by those armed legally and illegally and the sistematic negation and violation of their rights by the estate, suffering discrimination and violence in their own homes.
Despite all this, these years haven’t been in vain. Together we have made progress together,  building up numerous spaces of resistance and making visible the abuse of women’s lives. We have resisted the militarization of civilian life, we have resisted with non-violent action paramilitary pressure to take our land, our houses, our neighborhoods. Together, we have resisted and denounced together abuse and discrimination, creating networks of solidarity that give us strength to continue building and fighting for a different country. We have created alliances with national and international women’s organizations that have made it possible to highlight and denounce to the world what is happening in Colombia.
And we remember that this is our strength; that after 40 years we are still here, that we continue to resist thanks to you and to all the women and men who are part of this process. Thanks to the national social movements and international organizations that accompany us and give us the necessary strength to continue fighting for peace and social justice in Colombia.
We want to dedicate this 40th anniversary to all of you and invite you to participate in all the activities we are organizing throughout the year in Colombia and in other parts of the world. Our main objective being to highlight our – your -  work and strenghten our national and international networks of solidarity that are fundamental so that we can build a fair country.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


We are translating our website into English,
We'll try to activate soon every english section
In the meantime, please, visit our spanish version: Organización Femenina Popular

Monday, February 27, 2012

Welcome to the Women's Virtual Home OFP

The Organización Femenina Popular (Popular Women's Organization) invites you to surf the web about our history, to learn about our proyect, to share our and your expierences and fights, to carry on building the world we dream, a world without wars, violence, a world of peace, full of social justice for all.