The Organización Femenina Popular (OFP) is a social and political women’s movement founded on the principles of civilism and autonomy, working to politicize women.
From the active resistance to the armed conflict and any kind of violence (cultural, social, economic and political) the OFP works to defend a dignified life and human rights for women and their people. We achieve this by the organization, education and popular mobilization to transform and achieve peace with social justice in Colombia.
We began organizing in 1972 in the Northeastern area of Barrancabermeja (Colombia) as a Catholic church project which sought to organize women to overcome violence within the family, social injustice and women’s opression.

The organization was born during the peek of the Liberation Theology and other social movements in Colombia. We started an autonomous organizacional process, independent from the Church in 1988.

Starting as a local organizational process we  expanded to the Magdalena Medio Region, to five more municipalities where we consolidated our regional work  from 1995.

The armed conflict in the region and the whole country challlenged us to give new answers as an organization. So, in 1996, we started the Movimiento Social de Mujeres contra la Guerra y por la Paz (Women Social Movement Against War and For Peace) and, at the same time, we strengthened our profile as Human Rights Defenders. We went national in 2000 and began working in Bogota and Neiva.

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