Throughout our history we have strengthened ties of gender’s identity and class through symbols that also have fueled an imaginary active resistance, to the region, the country and the world.

Our Resistance Symbols

ColorsThey are an important part of our symbology.

BlackWe assume the color black as a sign of strength against the pain, as a symbol of rejection of violence as a way to make clear what many do not want to see: a mourning war that leaves everyone, especially women, who continue to claim and claiming that "We do not give birth and we do not forge children for war."

Black robes: it is a symbol of our demostrations that binds us to the Global Black Women's Movement of which we are part.

Lilait represents nonviolence against women. it is used worldwide by women's movements

Casa de la Mujer con flores amarillas

Yellow:  it represents wealth, territory.
Orange: it means  communication
White: it symbolizes utopia, peace     
Green: it symbolizes hope 
Red: it symbolizes streght
OFP institutional Flag: green, red and white.

Ribbons colors represent the solidarity bonds that unite us as women and as people. Each color has a meaning, all together form a rainbow which represents the immensity.

Antiwar Flag: it symbolizes our resistance to war and the militarization of the civil society.

Women chain: In all actions we develop, we put together our hands and bodies as a symbol of unity and strength.

Empty Pots: symbol of resistance to poverty and hunger. The sound of the empty pots is the voice of protests that stand to resist to the neglect by the state of the basic guarantees that should offer to us, such as health, employment, education, food, houses.

Keys: Symbol of resistance and denunciation, in defense of territory, of dignity.

Anthem: Expression of our resistance against exploitation, injustice and repression. It is a proposal for women to fight for our rights from the perspective of gender and class.

Novena of resistance: is a symbolic collection of many symbols used at different times throughout our history the (drop of resistance, chains, braids, hands, flowers, keys, fire, tree leaves, bread ..) life symbols, hope and unity.


Marches:  The Women's Social Movement is displayed through marches and as  forceful popular expressions.


We have institutionalized some dates that symbolize the  women’s dignity, the resistance.

8 March: International Women's Day.
We commemorate and claim the slaughter of women in Manhattan for the defense of their labor rights.

28 May: International Day of Action for Women's Health.
20 July: OFP anniversary
25 November: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

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