Autonomy, civilism and resistance

The peaceful and active resistance, inspirated in the civilism and autonomous principles, is our main mechanism to defend and build the Rights that have been negleted to us, precisely because of our clase and genere. With this philosophy, we, as women and political human beings, take on life and resist any kind of violence against our genere and popular classes. We are also who suffer the most, the injustice and lack of attention from the Goverment, eventhough the welfare estate that has been established by Colombia’s Constitution.

We build our AUTONOMY with this resistente philosophy, as women and political human beings. The AUTONOMY is the Basement of our polilitical ethics as a women grassroots organization and it reflects in our way of working: we don’t accept any type of pressure from the Estate, neither any of the legal or illegal armed actors and we don’t subordinate to power.

We also believe in CIVILISM as a political theory that allow us to build life inspired by democratic models and not in dictatorial or militarist models as it has been in the Magdalena Medio Area and the whole country.

CIVILISM and AUTONOMY are the main principles that move the acts of resistance carried out by the Organización Femenina Popular. Resistance to the militarism of civil life by legal and illegal armed actors, resistance to forced displacement and the expropiation of homes. Resistance against the bartering of women’s rights, resistance against the pressure and cooptation of arms. Resistance against treating women as a war prize, against discrimination and mal-treatment.  

We fight for our right to a dignified life, we defend our identity in the widest sense, to enjoy public life in public spaces, civilism for civilians, we defend the Human Rights of women and their people.

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